2013 Grantee: Girls on the Run

2013 Grantee: Girls on the Run

The Utah Women’s Giving Circle leverages individual  donations into high impact grants to nonprofits who are empowering women and girls in Utah.

Our priorities
We fund projects in Utah which are evaluated for their measurable, direct and immediate impact on women and girls in the areas of:

  • Civic Participation and Leadership – Programs that give women and girls the opportunity to become involved as leaders in their own communities and political process.
  • Economic Opportunity – Programs that give women the means to prosper and close the wage gap.
  • Education – Programs that provide women and girls the opportunity to be successful, such as scholarships and girl’s math, science, and technology programs.
  • Health and Well-being – Programs that support the health and well-being of women and girls, including healthy choices, access to reproductive healthcare, and advocacy issues.
  • Safety – Programs that address the root causes of violence against women, including sexual assault and domestic violence, including legislation protecting women’s rights.

In order to be eligible for consideration, nonprofit organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • The organization, or a program or project within the organization, serves to empower women and/or girls in Utah or a community within Utah
  • Current IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt designation
  • The organization has not received a grant in the past two years

The 2016 Grant Cycle is closed and will open for 2017 Grant Applications in Fall 2017. 

Apply for a Grant

Utah Women’s Giving Circle leadership reviews all nominations and will select the top applicants for the ballot, with member votes determining the grant awards each year in January. An application does not guarantee placement on the ballot.

2016 Grantee: Girls on the Run Utah

2016 Grants – $20,000

$6,000 Grant: Girls on the Run Utah
Scholarships for low-income girls

To fund 25-50 participation scholarships for low-income girls across the state in this transformational life skills program tackling gender stereotypes for 8 to 13-year-old girls.

2016 Grantee: KRCL Radio

$5,000 Grant: KRCL Radio
Blindspot Series on RadioACTive

To fund a 12-part on-air series called Blindspot on RadioACTive, sharing stories that bring gender bias and efforts to change these social constructs into focus.

2016 Grantee: Utah Women's Coalition$3,000 Grant: Utah Women’s Coalition
Public Policy & Advocacy for Women’s Rights

The first grant ever awarded to this nonprofit founded in 2015 that has already put seven bills in front of the state legislature, successfully passing four, resulting in Utah rising from an ‘F’ to a ‘C-’ grade in a progress report prepared by the National Partnership for Women and Families.

2016 Grantee: Spy Hop Move the Dial$2,500 Grant: Spy Hop
Move the Dial, a student-driven gender equity initiative

To support the Move the Dial initiative in 2017, a student-driven gender equity program facilitating youth-produced media to foster dialogue regarding gender inequality and identity.

UWLP$2,000 Grant: Utah Valley University Women & Leadership Project
Utah Women Stats Snapshots

To fund Utah Women Stats Snapshots, summarizing essential data around gender bias in our state to support awareness and action.

Salty Cricket$1,000 Grant: Salty Cricket Composers Collective
El Sistema@Salty Cricket

To provide support for El Sistema@Salty Cricket, a free intensive afterschool music program hosted at Jackson Elementary empowering young women through music.

WOW$500 Grant: Women of Water
3-Part Implicit Bias & Salary Negotiation Lecture Series

To fund a 3-part implicit bias and salary negotiation lecture series open to women from any field.

2015 Grants – $20,000

$7,000 Grant: Utah Public RadioUPR
Objectified. More Than a Body Series

Building off of the Giving Circle’s 2015 focus, dedicated radio segments will address issues of health, well-being, and education specific to Utah women and girls.

$HOH-Logo-Horz-crop-e14312384499715,000 Grant: Holding Out Help

To implement critical support groups targeting body image, internalized self-worth, and confidence in helping women and girls successfully transition out of polygamy.


$3,500 Grant: Beauty Redefined

To deploy Beauty Redefined’s research-proven online body image course to female students at a Utah high school, paired with their nationally recognized school-wide presentation.

$2,500 Grant:Art Access
2016 Body Image Project

Gallery exhibition targeting body image plus diverse opportunities to deepen the conversation on the impact of body image on Utah women and girls.

$1,500 Grant: Utah State University’s Aggie CareArt Access

Smart Girl Camp 

To provide scholarships for low-income junior high girls in Northern Utah who would otherwise be unable to participate in this self worth centered curriculum.


$500 Grant: Dixie State University’s Women’s Resource Center
Body Image Literacy Project

Multiple incorporated events and awareness activities to continue an important campus-wide dialogue on body image.

2014 Grants – $23,000

SmartGirls$8,000 Grant: 
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake & Weber-Davis
SMART Girls Program

The SMART Girls Program engages small groups in informational and experiential learning activities to empower female club members with the knowledge and skills necessary to practice healthy lifestyle choices.

cfsc$8,000 Grant: 
Child & Family Support Center of Cache County
Women’s Sexual Assault Therapy Group

Groups are designed to help 60+ participants understand and overcome emotional challenges, achieve and maintain healthy relationships, and prepare to accomplish their goals with confidence.

size_550x415_$72BA50EEEE060FAF$5,000 Grant: 
Erin Kimball Memorial Foundation
H.O.M.E. Program

H.O.M.E. (Housing, Options, Mentoring, Empowerment) is a bridge from shelter to independence, providing transitional housing and support services to women forced into homelessness by domestic violence and sexual assault.

UforV$2,000 Grant: 
Utah for Veterans
Women Warrior Trips to Zion

Women Warrior Trips to Zion National Park for two groups of 4 Utah veterans who have experienced sexual assault or harassment with the support of a volunteer therapist.

2013 Grants – $20,000


2014 Grantee: Women of the World

$5,000 Grants:

  • Volunteers of America’s Young Women’s Transition Program, a 7-bed home for homeless young women, ages 16-19, with a focus on self-sufficiency through school, employment, and housing. Learn about their impact.
  • Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake’s Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Programs, which provide free legal representation for victims seeking a protective order as well as expedited support with divorce and custody cases. Learn about their impact.
  • People Helping People, an organization that lifts children out of poverty by teaching low-income women how to earn a living wage through education and mentoring. Learn about their impact.

$2,500 Grants:

  • Women of the World, an organization that builds women-to-women networks for refugees living in Utah, teaching practical English, finance, health, and job skills. Learn about their impact.
  • Girls on the Run Utah, an organization building self-esteem and confidence among girls in the 3rd-8th grades through a creative running program with volunteer mentors. Learn about their impact.
eSmart STEM Camp

eSmart STEM Camp

2012 Grants – $15,000

eSmart STEM Camp

The American Association of University Women’s e-Smart STEM Camp for Girls

Early Head Start

Early Head Start at Horizonte

Early Head Start at Horizonte

Early Head Start at the Horizonte School

Girl Scouts of Utah

Girl Scouts of Utah Camp CEO

2011 Grants – $15,811


YWCA’s Choices for Women

Global Artisans

Global Artisans

Global Artisans

Global Artisans

Planned Parenthood of Utah

Planned Parenthood’s Teen Success Program