A Legacy of Impact for Utah Women & Girls

WGC May 2013 Meeting by Sallie ShatzThe Utah Women’s Giving Circle was founded in 2011 to leverage modest, grassroot donations into a powerful investment in projects that empower Utah women and girls.

Over 12 years, members collectively invested more than $225,000 in Utah women and girls through 62 grants to nonprofit projects.

We look forward to witnessing the new paths, projects and pursuits that continue to elevate Utah women and girls, and our entire community in the process.

A heartfelt thank you to each of you who extended support, contributions, and a commitment to this mission, which will live on in a legacy that cannot be measured, made possible by the audacity of that original group of bold women, the Community Foundation of Utah, our nonprofit grantees, and the hundreds of individual members from every walk of life who circled up to make this vision a reality.

Questions? We invite you to reach out to the Community Foundation of Utah.