10-21 Meeting @ Fraser'sIn early 2011, a small group of women learned that less than 2% of foundation dollars in Utah went directly to serve women and girls. In response, the Utah Women’s Giving Circle was formed to change the statistics:

    • Utah has by far the largest gap in the nation between male and female college-graduation rates – a full 6.0 percentage points. New Jersey has the next highest gap at 2.7 percentage points. The national average is a mere 1.3 percentage points.
    • There is approximately one domestic violence-related homicide each month in Utah. One out of three adult homicides are domestic violence related.
    • Utah has the fourth largest wage gap in the nation and the worst gap in the nation between men and women earning bachelor’s degrees or higher. Utah women made 68 cents to every male dollar: nationally it is 78 cents. Full-time male workers make a median of $45,800 – women make $31,200.
    • Nearly 40% female-headed households in Utah lived in poverty as of 2011. 1 in 8 Utah children live in poverty.
    • Utah has one of the lowest rates of women owned businesses in the US. Salt Lake County ranked dead last among the 50 most-populous counties in the nation for its percentage of women-owned businesses.
    • At the same time, a higher percentage of Utah women work outside the home than the national average, including a majority of mothers of Utah preschool children. And we all know how hard it is for women to find and afford safe child care and early education.
    • Utah ranks 44th in the nation for female representation in elected office.

We promote women’s self-determination through networking, awareness, and philanthropy.

  • We are diverse. Any woman or girl can join. The Circle seeks to be as diverse in our membership as the women of our state.
  • We make it easy and fun to make a big impact. There are no galas, no required service, and you can be as active as you like.
  • We are democratic. Grantees are nominated by and voted on by members. One member = one vote.

We create opportunities for women to share ideas and foster participation of a new generation of women who in turn give, volunteer and advocate for women in the state of Utah.