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Grantee Impact: Women of the World

466-300x200Women of the World is a small organization making a big impact for women refugees in Utah. Samira Harnish and new case manager Abby Bossart made it clear how important every dollar is to their work with our $2,500 grant going toward the funding of Abby’s position.

Women of the World empowers refugee women to make Utah their home, learning practical English, gaining an understanding of human rights in the United States, and gaining skills toward self-sufficiency within a circle of women who can relate to their experience.

“Women of the World fosters an environment where refugee women themselves play a vital role in helping the community of refugee women to succeed, not just themselves.

Life is stressful and full of challenges for the refugee ladies we serve. Everyday is spent trying to tackle a new system, care for their families, figure out bills, and on top of everything else take English classes and GED prep classes to create a brighter future.

With the grant from the Utah Women’s Giving Circle, I was able to be a key advocate to many refugee ladies here in Utah. From gathering and giving donations to prepare for the winter weather ahead, to helping clients apply for colleges and Universities, I am proud of the women and their accomplishments and continued successes.”

– Abby Bossart

We encourage our members to continue to donate to those organizations that inspire them.

You can learn more about Women of the World here and make a donation here.

Grantee Impact: Girls on the Run

4H0A5643The 2014 Girls on the Run youth development program for young girls in the 3rd through 8th grades was delivered to 78 teams and directly impacted 1,129 girls.

Our grant of $2,500 provided scholarships to 64 low-income girls, empowering them through improved body image, a stronger sense of self, new teamwork skills, and the confidence that comes from finishing something quite difficult: a 5K race celebration at Sugarhouse Park.

Around 6,000 women were additional impacted by this program through mentoring and race involvement and more 3,000 racers and spectators turned out for the culmination.

4H0A5790“…we saw the power of Girls on the Run with 5th grader “Eva.”  Eva participated in GOTR Spring 2014. Eva is overweight and struggles with issues of self-confidence.  Participating in GOTR was not always easy for Eva, and coaches shared that she sometimes complained or even quit during practice. However, she stuck with GOTR, gaining new friends and new confidence along the way. At the 5k, Eva pushed herself and finished strong, smiling when her family and team members cheered her across the finish line.  After the race, Eva was beaming and talked about how proud of herself she was and her plans to continue running at the park during the summer.”

– Peggy Paterson, Principal of Lincoln Elementary

We encourage our members to continue to donate to those organizations that inspire them.

You can learn more about Girls on the Run here and make a donation here.

Grantee Impact: People Helping People

Members were thrilled to hear from Amberley Miller about People Helping People’s work with single mothers and other low-income women to instill the confidence and skills needed for independence and self-sufficiency.

People Helping People received a $5,000 grant just under a year ago and has impacted more than 5,000 women and children across the Wasatch Front in 2014 through their outreach, education, mentoring, and employment support programs.

68 women completed all four phases of the employment program that our grant went to support. 95% of those women are employed full time, 86% have health insurance, 62% paid off their debt, and 84% are off all forms of public assistance.

These numbers are impressive, but the everyday impact is even more inspiring. Check out Michelle’s story below:

We encourage our members to continue to donate to those organizations that inspire them.

You can learn more about People Helping People here and make a donation here.

Grantee Impact: VOA Utah’s Young Women Transition Home

Volunteers of America Utah’s Executive Director, Kathy Bray, shared the impact of our 2013 $5,000 grant last night at our annual Impact Celebration.

So far in 2014, 11 homeless young women have had a safe home, food, and support at VOA’s Young Women Transition Home, all toward helping them move into independence. Impressively, 91% of these young women were working and/or attending college during their stay, a huge step toward self-sufficiency and long-term stability.

Learn more about how your dollars changed these 11 lives through Alex’s story:

We encourage our members to continue to donate to those organizations that inspire them.

You can learn more about VOA Utah here and make a donation here.

Grantee Impact: Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake & R’s Story

Stewart Ralphs of Legal Aid SocietyLast night, the Giving Circle members gathered with our 2013 grantees to learn about their work over this past year and how our grant dollars were utilized.

The Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake received a $5,000 award for their Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Program. That grant assisted 23 women and their children in escaping violence in their homes.

As of November, Legal Aid Society assisted more than 1700 women and 1100 children in escaping domestic violence. The impact on just one of their clients is immeasurable:

R’s Story:

“On May 19, 2011 at two in the morning, I snuck out of my bedroom where my husband was finally asleep, pulled out the little tracphone my mother had snuck over to me several weeks back, walked into the little bathroom, and sent a single text message:  ‘Mama, come get us.  I can’t do this anymore.’”

“The next day, after my husband had gone to work, my mother came and collected me.  I was 22, six months pregnant, with a two year old son.  My husband had been systematically isolating me for three years.  I did not have a cell phone, I did not have access to the money, and it as understood that I was not to drive the car.  He kept me in the apartment, not allowing me to go to prenatal appointments, and even controlling what, or if, I ate.

After I left, he was angry, but I was not coming back.  Ever.  I looked up the Legal Aid society for help.  In early July, I received a letter from LAS, telling me that they would take my case and that my attorney’s name was Eliza.

It seemed like a simple case at the outset, but it quickly morphed into what seemed like the longest, most heavily litigated divorce in the history of possibly ever.  It lasted for 22 months…in which my husband launched what can best be described as a small scale terrorist attack.  He bombarded me with phone calls and text messages, stalked me, staked out my house, withheld my children from me and used them as bait and bargaining chips.  He became so aggressive that the victim’s unit of the police department called and recommended I go into hiding, which I did.”  “His harassment extended beyond just me.  He raged against everyone he encountered.  The police, [my attorney and the Legal Aid executive director], even court officials.  He alienated the two child visitation agencies in Salt Lake City.

In that 22 months, Eliza stood for me in court at least a dozen times, spent 13 hours in mediation, assisted me in getting two writs of assistance when he absconded with my children, and with the help of [Legal Aid’s DVVA program and its director] Keri Gardner, she got me a protective order and defended it twice.

…In the end, Eliza got me my divorce, with full custody of my sons, and in that same 22 months I went to college and got a degree in paralegal studies.  I now work at one of the premier law firms in Salt Lake and have my own apartment where I live with my children in as much safety and peace as one can hope.  If I had a million dollars, I would give it to Legal Aid Society, ….which has been doing good for almost a hundred years.  I hope they have a hundred more.”

We encourage our members to continue to donate to those organizations that inspire them.

You can learn more about the Legal Aid Society here and make a donation here.

Upcoming Event: Dr. Michael Kimmel on Masculinity 12/10/14

Dr. Michael KimmelDon’t miss breakfast and dialogue on masculinity with best-selling author and researcher Dr. Michael Kimmel, an incredible opportunity created by member Jacki Zehner and the Community Foundation of Utah:

Mars and Venus or Planet Earth: Women and Men in America Today
December 10th @ 8 AM
Alta Club

Learn more and register here:

2014 Grant Nomination Form Now Available!

If you are a nonprofit or know of a nonprofit doing great work in empowering Utah women and/or girls, we invite you to submit a nomination for the Utah Women’s Giving Circle’s 2014 grants.

Access the grant nomination form here.

Deadline: December 19th

Our priorities:
We fund projects in Utah which are evaluated for their measurable, direct and immediate impact on women and girls in the areas of:

  • Civic Participation and Leadership – Programs that give women and girls the opportunity to become involved as leaders in their own communities and political process.
  • Economic Opportunity – Programs that give women the means and opportunities to lift themselves and their families out of poverty and onto a path of prosperity.
  • Education – Programs that provide women and girls the opportunity to learn and be successful, such as scholarships and girl’s math, science, and technology programs.
  • Health and Well-being – Programs that support the health and well-being of women and girls, including healthy choices, access to reproductive healthcare, and perinatal advocacy issues.
  • Safety – Programs that address violence against women, including sexual assault and domestic violence, including legislation protecting women’s rights.

In order to be eligible for consideration, nonprofit organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • The organization, or a program or project within the organization, serves to empower women and/or girls in Utah or a community within Utah
  • Current IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt designation
  • The organization has not received a grant in the past two years

The Giving Circle awarded $20,000 through five targeted grants in 2013 and we are looking forward to investing in organizations and programs that are changing the statistics for women and girls in Utah.

All nominations submitted by the deadline will be vetted by leadership and the top nominees submitted to membership for a vote in January, 2015.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Women. Power. Politics.


Last night, the Utah Women’s Giving Circle hosted an inspirational panel of extraordinary women, moderated by the Salt Lake Tribune’s Jennifer Napier-Pearce:

Mia Love, U.S. Congressional Candidate District 04
Donna McAleer, U.S. Congressional Candidate District 01
Luz Robles, U.S. Congressional Candidate District 02
Dr. Susan Madsen, Founder Utah Women & Leadership Project, UVU
Natalie Gochnour, Associate Dean, David Eccles School of Business
Sarah Nitta, 2012 State House District 27 Candidate

We were in awe as the event sold out just one week after announcement. If you weren’t able to join us, you can access the video from the live stream here.

Take the next steps to effect change in Utah politics:

Register to vote.

Get educated on the candidates and the issues:

Attend and submit questions for the upcoming debates

Utah Women Leadership Project Research Briefs

Utah League of Women Voters Voter Guide

Female candidates for U.S. Congress: 

Donna McAleer, Congressional Race District 01

Mia Love, Congressional Race District 04

Luz Robles, Congressional Race District 02

Upcoming Events:

Challenge & Triumph: Inspiring Achievement in Women

September 19th, 10 AM – 2 PM

YWCA Leader Luncheon featuring Olympia Snowe

September 26th, 11:30 AM – 2 PM

Real Women Run Fall Social

November 19th, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Panelists at Event 2

An enormous thank you to our generous sponsors for their commitment to Utah women:

  • Dorsey & Whitney, LLP
  • Bank of the West
  • The Salt Lake Tribune
  • Women Lawyers of Utah
  • Utah Bar Foundation
  • Tony Caputo’s Market
  • Vine Lore

Three Corners Women’s Giving Circle Seeking Grant Nominees!

u7_ThreeCorners700Our sister circle down south is starting up their 2014 grant cycle.

On Aug. 1, the grant application for the January 2015 grants will be posted, and can be downloaded from the group’s website. Applications must be received no later than Sept. 30 for consideration. All other details of the application process can be found in the application document on the website.

Additionally, on Saturday, Aug. 23, there will be a free grant writing workshop offered by one of the 2014 grantees and open to all prospective applicants. A workshop will be held from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at The Learning Center for Families, 2044 S. Mesa Palms Drive in St. George. Attendees are encouraged to bring a lunch and beverage to the workshop.

Read the full story in The Independent here.