Connected to Give: Giving circles create a “virtuous circle” effect

CtoG5_CommunityCircles_370x479A new report has been released on Giving Circles: Connected to Give: Community Circles, with findings that demonstrate the efficacy of this unique form of philanthropy:

  • One in eight American donors has participated in a giving circle
  • Participation in giving circles helps members build personal, professional, and philanthropic connections
  • Giving circles can empower people of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to participate in a culture of giving
  • Giving Circles encourage a collaborative and democratic approach to charitable giving

“Based on our interviews and observations, we noticed a ‘virtuous circle’ effect,” said Sarah Bunin Benor, research team leader and co-author of the report. “Giving circles connect people to like-minded individuals and lead to more meaningful, intentional, and hands-on charitable giving, as well as increased communal engagement.”

Read the Philanthropic News Digest article here.