Grantee Impact: Girls on the Run

4H0A5643The 2014 Girls on the Run youth development program for young girls in the 3rd through 8th grades was delivered to 78 teams and directly impacted 1,129 girls.

Our grant of $2,500 provided scholarships to 64 low-income girls, empowering them through improved body image, a stronger sense of self, new teamwork skills, and the confidence that comes from finishing something quite difficult: a 5K race celebration at Sugarhouse Park.

Around 6,000 women were additional impacted by this program through mentoring and race involvement and more 3,000 racers and spectators turned out for the culmination.

4H0A5790“…we saw the power of Girls on the Run with 5th grader “Eva.”  Eva participated in GOTR Spring 2014. Eva is overweight and struggles with issues of self-confidence.  Participating in GOTR was not always easy for Eva, and coaches shared that she sometimes complained or even quit during practice. However, she stuck with GOTR, gaining new friends and new confidence along the way. At the 5k, Eva pushed herself and finished strong, smiling when her family and team members cheered her across the finish line.  After the race, Eva was beaming and talked about how proud of herself she was and her plans to continue running at the park during the summer.”

– Peggy Paterson, Principal of Lincoln Elementary

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You can learn more about Girls on the Run here and make a donation here.