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May 2012 Utah 028 SmallMembership in the Utah Women’s Giving Circle not only leverages your donation to make an enormous impact, it’s also a dynamic forum for learning about and networking around issues important to women in Utah.

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$250+ Annual Member 25 and older

$50+ Girl/Woman Under 25 Annual Member

$1,000+ in 1 Calendar Year – Lifetime Member

Annual membership donations are current in the calendar year made. Membership donations are entirely tax-deductible and give members the privilege to vote for annual grant recipients.

Additionally, members are invited to attend our four events each year at no cost:

January – Annual Voting Party (members from prior calendar year only)

Spring – Public Awareness & Education Event (free for members)

Fall – Public Awareness & Education Event (free for members)

December – Annual Impact Celebration at Town Club (members + member guests only)

Those wishing to create a sustainable source of funding for years to come may become Lifetime Members with a donation totaling $1,000 in a single calendar year.

Spread It Out

Make your donation easy and stay current year-to-year. Simply call the Community Foundation at (801) 559-3005 to set up a donation plan. If you start in January, you can spread out your annual $250 donation into 12 automated donations of less than $21 per month.

Please contact us with questions about additional membership and gift options, as we aim to be inclusive and appreciate any and all support.

We also welcome additional support outside of membership for both the granting and operational funds and encourage event and annual sponsorships from businesses aligned with our mission of empowering women and girls.