Thank You for Loving and Giving to Utah!

Love Utah, Give Utah was a record-breaking success this year, clearing a million dollars from 10,000+ everyday philanthropists. We want to thank the Community Foundation of Utah for founding and hosting Utah’s annual day of giving and the many corporate sponsors who made it possible.

The Utah Women’s Giving Circle raised more than $3,500 during Love Utah, Give Utah, thanks in large part to a generous $1,000 challenge grant from our co-chair, Peggy Hunt. Thank you, Peggy!

We want to thank each donor who helped us reach our fundraising goal on March 20th:

  • LUGUTrish Coughlin
  • Fraser Nelson
  • Ellie Garvin
  • Lynn McCarron
  • Helane Leta
  • Amy Sorenson
  • April Hollingsworth
  • Kim Paulding
  • Jennifer Parsons
  • Alexandra Soran
  • Jenifer Tomchak
  • Kristen Carroll
  • Monica Whalen
  • Suzanne Larson
  • Annabel Sheinberg
  • Pat Bair
  • Pamela Murray
  • Emily Capito

Thank you!