Huffington Post: Utah’s Other No. 1 Ranking: Gender Pay Gap

Local author, Donna McAleer, highlights how Utah women, especially those in Utah and Davis Counties, continue to face gender discrimination with the worst gender pay gaps in the nation.

“We Utahns are proud of our economic growth, and rightly so. Nationally we rank as the ‘Best State for Business and Careers’ by Forbes magazine, three years running; the Kaufman Foundation acknowledges Utah number one for ‘Economic Dynamism,’ Pollina Corporate lists Utah as the top pro-business state, and the U.S. Chamber of Enterprising States ranks Utah third in STEM job growth and business birth rate and 1st in high tech business economy. But, and here’s the embarrassing paradox, according to a recent 24/7 Wall Street article when it comes to equal pay in the state, women are paid an average of 70 percent of what men are paid. What’s most embarrassing is that Provo-Orem and Ogden-Clearfield rank No. 1 and No. 2 respectively as the worst-paying cities for women.”

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